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Design your own piece of golf history


 The team at Australia’s Oldest Golf Course are inviting all golfers to design three alternative holes to their most northern, 1980s additions to the Old Course (holes 11,12 & 13 on Masterplan).

With increased play and corporate days, the current routing of these holes has been found to be dangerous and slow to play. The 1980s additions also feature one of golfs most loathed features; a clumsy internal Out-of-Bounds.

Sample Designs

11th Corridor

The current 13th hole that plays from north to south with the lake highway on the right and the proposed reversal of this hole will play obviously from south to north with the lake highway on the left and that’s quite a big safety implication because around 70% of golf balls are missed to the right because the predominance of golfers are right-handers and because the predominance of golfers slice the ball so by putting the the out of bounds the left on the left hand side here the lake highway will be safer for the passing traffic but also hopefully mean a lot less balls I caught up by that out of bounds hazard so hopefully in the distance you can see the white fluttering flag on the top of the hillock a great aspect of playing this hole in Reverse is that it brings into the backdrop woods coin to the right and also the bluff of Table Mountain in the distance to the right it also brings the Nant hill in the foregrip mid mid ground also into the backdrop of this golf hole and green it’s still a short par-4 around 260 meters so call it 300 yards or so drivable and today the wind is almost directly into the shot but the prevailing wind here is more from the Northwest which will mean more of a left sight wind coming in which again will help keep the ball blow back into play and again make that safer for the for the road users on the on the on the left hand side an interesting thing here with this hole is currently the greens right on top of the hillock but there’s an opportunity to push the green into the back left corner and invite the person who’s going to go for it actually to take the the hazard on and risk that if it drifts left they’re out of bounds but have the fortune of putting for Eagle orb or a really easy birdie if they hit it right by the green

Video – 11th Corridor Tee Shot

Video – 11th Corridor Up to the Green

Video – 11th Corridor Behind the Green

12th Corridor

This is one of the new four holes that was added in the early 1980s that plays in the northwesterly direction up and away from the homestead it’s played today as the 12th hole in the 18 hole layout of Ratho Farm Golf Links and what our golf course architects have proposed is that this might be a much much better hole played in reverse and feeding around and dog legging right to the green that you may be able to see short of the bright white shearing shed in the distance currently it’s a fairly average length hole 320 odd meters flat tee shot and then pitching up to a green whereas the nice thing from this teasing area here is you’ve got a real elevation you’ve got the den hill in the distance as a backdrop to the ball teeing off in hanging in the air and you’ve got the landing zone of the fairway below your feet the option team for the armchair architect is where exactly do they want to swing the fairway around or they want to go straight for the for the fairway.

Video – 12th Corridor Tee Shot

Video – 12th Corridor 2nd shot

Reversing the corridors of play (which we have already done, to great improvement) as suggested by consulting architects Crafter & Mogford

  • Improves player safety
  • Speeds up play (shorter walks and intuitive flow)
  • Engages more with contours
  • Creates more width for strategic opportunities and risk/reward shotmaking
  • The elevated teeing areas also focus on much bigger views, to distant vistas around the Tasmanian highlands
We invite you to come and stay & play and design the strategy into these playing corridors;

  • Where would you site the new teeing grounds and fairways?
  • Where and what shape/slope greens?
  • Where would you place the bunkers/hazards?
  • Where would you reintroduce native vegetation?
  • Can we create a reversible routing?
  • Would double-greens/shared teeing areas be an improvement?


13th Corridor

Video – 13th COrridor Tee Shot

This is the current members third hole, but we actually don’t play it as part of the current 18 hole layout. it’s not one of the original holes and was brought in as part of that 1983 extension to the golf course. This could be a long par 3 from this tee or the tee could be pushed back and the green closer to the very original old third green and then it could be a short par 4 so there’s a lot for the armchair architects to think about the main feature here is the water channel along the right-hand side of this hole that is a hazard and the backdrop obviously of Nicolas of Sugarloaf and the high hill paddocks of of ratha and Clooney and besides that it’s a fairly flat but quite sandy land form though heading into so quite conducive to really easy and potentially stylish bunkering I’m hitting a for wood just to get a sense of the length of the hole certainly not my best swing of the day and at the moment you might see down there as an orange flag that’s about 160 metres from the tee and then the the further white flag is about 200 meters so there is scope for it to be pulled back to a short par 4 tickly if you went out to the left and pitched it in however the issue there would be that would put this tee back into the firing line of the last par 5 and it would also push the green back into the firing line of that a fabulous short par-4 up along the lake highway so we’ll be interested to see what ideas you come up with..

After growing up at Ratho Farm, Greg Ramsay has always known the importance of high-quality design requiring charming and challenging golf shots. In dreaming up and developing Bambougle Dunes, Greg chose little known Tom Doak/Renaissance Golf Design to design Australia’s number 1 public golf course. Now he’s INVIT ING ALL GOLFERS to dream up, design and express their own golfing creativity and strategic solution.

Join our favourite 5-times British Open winner Peter Thomson AO, CBE (opened the restored 6holes). Barnbougle Dunes on-site architect Brian Schneider (shaped the restored greens}, leading architects Crafter&Mogford (consultants to Barwon Heads, Glenelg, Metropolitan, Sorrento) and shaper of the Rio Olympic course Ben Hillard (Hanse Golf Design}, in leaving your mark on Australia’s Oldest Golf Course.

At over 20 acres of playable area, it’s a large blank canvas to work with. So take your time to study and contemplate the wide array of alternative options. Register your accommodation with the notation “Redesign Ratho” and you’ll enjoy complimentary golf for the time of your stay. Or book golf only, and enjoy complimentary hire clubs and pull-trolley.


This competition is publicly open to amateur and professional golfers, and golf course architects.

The last date for receiving preliminary entries is May 30, 2019.

Selected designers will then be invited to visit Ratho Farm, and further supported in refining their designs, while onsite enjoying complimentary accommodation and hospitality from Ratho Farm.